Child Custody

Entire families are affected by divorce or the breakup of a relationship. But children may be most at risk for long-lasting emotional and psychological consequences. For this and many other reasons, Ohio courts require that child custody decisions must be made in the best interests of the children.

At Boller & Petty, LLC, we strongly believe in the best-interest standard as well. All of our attorneys focus on meeting the needs of our clients while making sure that divorce has a minimal impact on the kids.

Child Custody In Ohio: How It Works

When possible, courts prefer to keep both parents actively involved in their children's lives. In many states, this is referred to as joint custody. In Ohio, it is called shared parenting. It is a philosophy that says you and your spouse will work cooperatively to care for and to make decisions about your children after divorce.

The details of your post-divorce child-rearing arrangement will be put into a document called a parenting plan. Although some flexibility is needed, parenting plans can and should be very specific. They include details such as:

  • Which parent the children will stay with, and when they will stay at each home (in Ohio, visitation is referred to as parenting time)
  • Where the children will attend school
  • Which parent will cover which expenses (school, medical costs, clothing, etc.)
  • Where children will spend certain holidays
  • Important child-rearing policies (religious indoctrination, education practices, etc.)
  • How future decisions will be made and how parental disagreements will be resolved

The more detailed parenting plans are, the lower the risk that future issues or disagreements will require court intervention.

What If Child Custody Is Contested?

Negotiating a parenting plan with your spouse may not be an enjoyable experience, but it often gives you the most control over the outcome.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on a plan, one parent or both can still request shared parenting, offer the court a proposed shared parenting plan and request that the court order shared parenting if they believe it to be in the children's best interests. Often this is a preferable approach as opposed to the "all or nothing" approach of requesting sole custody.

How Our Firm Can Help

The lawyers at Boller & Petty, LLC, have extensive knowledge of and experience with Ohio's child custody laws and court practices. With valuable guidance and advice, we will help you seek an outcome that is in your and your children's best interests.

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